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Are you putting on a stage or musical production? Do you want a professional set for your show?

In which case Horizon Events are able to help you by designing and producing a professionally designed set with multiple layers, projection areas and revolving set flats to add movement and additional scenes for your production.

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    We provide professional Sets to add a third dimension to your cocert. This could include a simple set with logo boards and projection screen, or it could involve a large custom designed and built set with multiple moving parts - With set the posibilities are endless!


    We can provide Professional theatrical set with multiple heights within it to help to bring the show to life. We are also able to provide winches and other rigging equipment to allow various sections to move - such as to provide a helicopter effect.



    We provide professional sets with logo boards and projection screens built in. These can be as a simple small projection screen to multiple projection screens spread along a large set. This mixed with our lighting units allows us to provide an impressive, 'mind-blowing' effects to wow your guests!